About Us

At the core, this is a family business. 

Combining the knowledge of two different business areas, Marketing and Information Technology, our company can supplement your existing staff with our expert, personalized service.  Whether your company is working with one of the owners or one of our specialized consultants, you be assured that the success of your project is important to us. 

 We look forward to working with you on your next project.



Edward Monk

President, Information Technology Services

Mr. Monk has helped companies achieve higher degrees of efficiency and productivity by utilizing the experience gained over his 20 years in the field.  With expertise in ERP, Business Intelligence, Reporting, and eCommerce implementations coupled with strong IT Management and Software development background, he is an ideal candidate to lead your company’s IT initiatives.   


Heather Monk

Vice-President, Marketing & Advertising Services

Mrs. Monk is a seasoned business owner who knows what customers look for in a business.  A skillful wordsmith with a keen eye for design, she leads the advertising and marketing group to design professional customer-facing communications and materials.



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