Custom Development Services

Few businesses can operate with off the shelf software (COTS) and require custom developed software solutions to help them operate efficiently and effectively within their markets.  Here are a few scenarios that your company may be facing and where we can help:

  • We want to begin selling our products online, but have no idea how to get the information from your current system out to the Internet.  
  • We purchased a new system, but the reporting it generates does not help us, and makes our work even harder.
  • Our customers must complete certain forms to receive services (e.g., like government agencies) and we would like to have a way to complete forms online.
  • We have some very complicated business processes that off-the-shelf systems just do not offer.
  • My sales force has no visibility into stock levels and we are constantly shorting our customers.

Solutions are customized based on your organization’s needs.  Custom solutions can take many forms and may include a combination of several technologies including:

  • Applications (new or modifications to existing) - Development in languages from classic ASP,,, PHP, javascript, RPG.
  • Integrating with databases such as SQL, MySQL, and Oracle.
  • New websites (integrated with your back office systemor stand-alone)
    • Forms Driven websites (to complete PDF forms)
    • Drupal, Joomla
  • New reporting using Crystal Reports, MS Reporting services, or web based reporting