Domestic IT Management - Permanent & Temporary

Richmond & Charlottesville, VA

The high cost of a permanent Information technology staff has driven many companies to look at outsourcing their technology needs.  Monk & Monk has been offering hardware and software support to companies in central Virginia for over 20 years. Starting in the mid 80’s supporting Mid-Range computers and early PC manufacturers in the Richmond area, we have developed the reputation for being friendly, knowledgeable and capable of servicing the needs of companies of all sizes.

Look to us when you need help:

  • Managing and coordinating your internal technology projects
  • Providing on-demand hardware (network, computer, printers, etc.) and desktop software support (installation, training, and troubleshooting)
    • Choosing the right software to run your business
    • Getting the most out of the systems you already have through reporting and integration with other systems
    • Designing custom software not provided by the “off the shelf products”