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Dainippon Sumitimo Pharma America (now Sunovion)

Serving as an internal consultant for Dainippon Sumitimo (now called Sunovion) during an implementation of SAP Business One, TWBS Crystal Wave, Power OLAP, and Project Account Suite (PAS).  We worked with the internal project managers as well as those from the SAP Channel Partner charged with installing the system. Provide expertise in system functionality and designed SQL queries and reports (both Crystal Reports and SBO).  Assisted in the testing of special workflows requiring multiple levels of authorizations.  
Visit Sunovion >> 

Drupal - Service Rates

Rates for Drupal service vary depending on the skillset need to accomplish tasks.  Rates are broken into two categories, customers who have a service agreements and those who do not (Ad-Hoc).

Rates for Existing Customers

Terms are negotiated based on payment history.  For new customers, payment is due upon invoice receipt.  Payments can be made via PayPal or check.  Requires a signed Customer Rate & Terms Agreement.

Serivce Rate

Time and Materials 
Perform system updates, backups, maintain users, install and configure modules, general help with projects.


Drupal Webmaster
Perform system updates, backups, maintain users, install and configure modules, general help with projects.  Manage hosting accounts and  help setting up and reporting on site reports (Google Analytics), etc.  

Includes 12 hours of support
Unused hours expire at the end of the service year
Does not include original Art or Custom PHP Development

* 1 hour per month discounted 20% from the TIme and Materials Rate

Custom PHP Development  $75/hr 
Custom CSS and Theme Development
For a custom designed website, modifying existing Drupal themes or orgnial art.

Fixed Price - Requirements based Projects
For when you have a specific, and well defined project in mind.
We will provided an estimated based on your requirements. Rates are negotiable and depend on the amount of hours needed to compled the project.




Ad-Hoc Rates for Customers without a Service Agreement

Payment is due upon invoice receipt.  Payments can be made through PayPal. 

Serivce Rate

Time and Materials 
Perform system updates, backups, maintain users, install and configure modules, general help with projects.

Custom PHP Development  $85/hr 
Custom CSS and Theme Development
For a custom designed website, modifying existing Drupal themes or orgnial art.



Google - AdWords, AdSense, Affiliate Support


  • Advertise to people searching on Google advertising network
  • Reach people actively looking for information about your products and services online

Easily control costs - pay only when people click on your ad

  • Maximize your site's revenue potential with contextually targeted ads
  • Customize ads to complement the look and feel of your site
  • Track the success of different formats and locations with online reports

Google Analytics

Utilize the power of Google Analytics to understand the people visting your website.  Google Analytics automatically breaks down and organizes your website visitors in multiple ways and presents the information in a series of graphs and reports.
Google Analytics is compatiable with Drupal Web Content Management System.
Watch the product tour on the Google Analytics site to learn more and then contact us for help setting up your website,

Google Apps - Eliminate Unpredictable IT Costs

Interested in taking your business completely online?

You no longer need to be tied to your offices.  Have your business information wherever you have internet access.   

The cost of installing and maintaining a mail server, SharePoint, and other desktop office software for your business seems to never end.  Eliminate the need to have specialized staff to maintain these relatively simple systems.  Google Apps provides all of your key office productivity infrastructure offsite, maintained by one of the best data centers in the world. 

For as little as $50/year per user, you can also eliminate unpredictable IT costs and experience new levels of productivity.

Google provides the service and we can help you get it setup.  Read more about the advantages of Google Apps on their site and contact us when you are ready to get started.


H&S, Foodstar, Retalix ERP for the Food & Beverage Industry

If you have one of these systems (AS/400 or iSeries based), you may find it increasingly difficult to get the support that you need to meet the changing demands of your company. Our lead consultant has over 13 years of application design, development, and support for Performance Food Group (PFG), a well know broadline food distribution company in the United States. 

Having deep technical and business knowledge into the needs of this industry enables us to serve your company in several ways:

  • Help maintain and extend your current investment by providing enhanced support and software development services.
  • Serving as your liaison to your current software provider.
  • When searching for a new system, we can help identify what you need and which vendors have the proper tools (features) you need to keep your business running smoothly. 

Hardware Support - For Your Business

Keep your systems running smoothly and minimize downtime by having your own technology team a phone call away.  The cost of an internal IT staff can be cost prohibitive for most companies, but the need for service is still there.  Include our years of experience installing, developing, and servicing software and our company is an easy choice over ordinary repair shops.  Let us manage your infrastructure so you can focus on your business. 


Services for your business:

  • Diagnose and repair malfunctioning computer systems (Windows & Linux)
  • Diagnose and repair printers (laser, matrix, band, drum, and thermal)
  • Install PC/Server software and provide training
  • Apply server patches and upgrades
  • Setup and maintain wire/wireless networks (planning, cable running, and verification)
  • Help you plan, acquire, and setup new equipment
  • Provide administration of IBM iSeries (AS/400), twinax terminals, remote controllers


How to get started:

  • Give us a call and tell us about your company
  • We will perform a site visit to evaluate your needs (take an inventory)
  • We will provide an estimate based on the site visit results and what level of service you need (e.g., hours of operation)
  • Choose your agreement and service can begin with a single call


Hardware Support - For Your Home

The time and information that you invest in your home computer systems is valuable.  When your hardware fails, it can sometimes be a disaster because there is no IT staff to help you like at work.  Many users feel that they need to start over with another system, but that may not be the case.  

Here are a few services that we can offer for your home systems:

  • Evaluate and perform upgrades
  • Diagnose and repair malfunctioning systems
  • Recondition systems for others to use 
  • Conversion from one operating system to another (e.g., Windows to Linux)
  • Install software and provide training

iSeries and AS/400 Development

We can assist in the design, documentation, development, and training of new and existing applications. We utilize several different development methodologies that can be tailored to your needs. We understand that requirements may change during the course of application development and we are prepared and expect your input during the entire development process.

RPG (or ILE) on the IBM AS/400 (iSeries). We can modify existing code or create entirely new applications. Development can occur on your system or our own (and transferred to yours).
See a Sample Maintenance Screen >>>

We can also can maintain or create queries and reports using RPG, Query/400 or SQL and develop Microsoft Reporting Services and Crystal Reports to extend the fuctionality of your system.

All development includes full life cycle (SDLC) documentation including any or all of the following:

  • Project Plans
  • Requirements specifications (or stories)
  • Conceptual and detailed designs
  • Quality Assurance testing notes
  • Training and/or help documentation